Thursday, March 2, 2017

What the Hell is a "Scrap Book?"

Okay so I am wondering. I love to Thrift Shop, but what exactly am I looking for? It seems to me that I am digging for Childhood Memories where I Felt Safe from the World. Felt Loved and Fearless that Everyone I Loved would Never Leave Me. Well as you Grow the Reality of Life Sets in but in Truth...Those Things that Meant Something Well They Will Come Back.

I love old sweatshirts, ceramics (yes, I am embarrassed), I guess what I am looking for is History. My History, Your History...A Fact that Just Because Someone Else didn't Treasure it, Doesn't Mean you Cannot and I Swear the Older the More Snuggly your House Feels (No Overhead Light People). Things Don't have to Cost Much to Have Meaning.

This Week I Found (well my Oldest Found) a Scrap Book last week for a Dollar. Myself along with the cashier was Puzzled as to how inexpensive it was. It is So Beautiful but the Reality of it is After I got it home it is a "Scrap Book" and who "Scrap Books" Anymore? Are we Just Supposed to Copy and Print our Facebook Feeds and Instagram Pictures and Glue Them onto the Pages?? I am so Confused. This is where I Really Wish I Subscribed to the Newspaper (Ummm, Nevermind it's all pretty Negative Anymore Sadly), Actually Developed my Film, Perhaps Slowed the Fuck Down and Spent A Little Time Looking over Memories Instead of Setting Them Free. I Hope that Makes Sense. Such a Beautiful Book it is...Never has it Been Used but Life is Simply Not What it Used to Be. I Would Give Up so Very Much for The Simplicity on the Cover. My Mind would be Free. Such a Beautiful Place to Wake Up To.  I Can't Even Imagine...Uhhh, I take that back, Yes I Can.

In the Meantime However I will Keep my Eyes Peeled as to what to Do with this Beautiful "Scrap Book." I Know it has Purpose and Meaning, just Like I Do and As All of You Do Too. It's there...We Just Gotta Find It. :) xo Steph

Ideas, Suggestions, Constructive Criticism Excepted :)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Library Magic and Wally Lamb

Okay so my Favorite Author is Wally Lamb. I swear his humor mixed with his Fiction/Non-Fiction is the Best!! Still Trying to get over..."We Are Water". Perhaps Save that for his 2nd to last read ;). Yikes.
Wally Lamb

Okay so...My step-mom gave me this Christmas Book back in 2009 and there is the cutest bookmark in the inside where she wrote stating that she hopes I would not be mad at her in regards to her reading it before she gave it to me. She goes on to state it is a "Hilarious" read. Now I was not completely for the "Hilarious" read by Wally because he always touches my heart so I simply kept packing it away with my Christmas Decor. Such a cute coffee table book, "Wishin' and Hopin' a Christmas Story."

Okay so here we are 2017 and this past Christmas I looked over at it and was like hmmmm, Perhaps that would make a Great Book for my girls (oh we are "blended" and have FOUR GIRLS LOL) teachers for Christmas. I immediately went to amazon...without reading it yet of course, oops. This was all based on my "belief" in Wally. My oldest needed two due to having a slew of wonderful teachers due to needing extra help being a 7 year cancer survivor. Okay, so I take that "belief" and run and purchase the books.

When I receive them in the mail I am triple reassured this is going to be a Fantastic book due to the fact it  has a big sticker on the front stating it is now a "Lifetime Movie." Shoot, I am in the heck did I miss that? The girls wrap them up, and carry them to school. I am so pleased. I shortly sit back and decide to start the read....and where the hell is my "Eyeballs" Icon right now? lol

Here is a rundown. Seriously one of the BEST Laugh at Loud books I ever read but Oh Dear. It's about a 5th grade boy growing up in the 60's and he is a first cousin to Annette Funicello. This is where Wally does a Superb job at mixing his non-fiction with fiction. Hey I am actually learning real crap by reading this and laughing my ASS OFF!! Oh Felix Funicello is the main character and I swear after he tongues the poster in his father's restaurant of Annette my cheeks are red due to thinking of the girls teachers reading it, not to mention the "Other Parts" cheeks are Pink. I mean 5th grade boys?? Oh my daughters are in the 3rd, 5th, 6th and 9th grade ;) anyways so at least the 5th grade teacher can I certainly hope :). I won't give the book away but "oh my dear" there is a part where his mother participates in the "PillsBury Bake-Off" and Ronald Reagan is the host and that part alone was one of the Best Chapters I have ever read in a book. I still laugh out loud and seriously I had such a Fun time at work trying to explain it to my friends along with getting their advice on whether or not it was appropriate to give to their teachers...Cheeks Pinker.  Still laughing. Oh and Felix gets a new Russian female classmate and Cheers to Wally Lamb for really engulfing us in her, I swear I have Russian accent now. ;)
Molly Ringwald

So after finishing this gem of a book I look up the movie. Really??!! I have to admit I still haven't seen it but Chevy Chase narrates it and Molly Ringwald is the Teacher?? I am so excited. I may save that until next year for my big Christmas kick off...its really going to be special and Wally should be so Proud!!

Okay so read the book, Please!! Remember now this book has been hanging around for quite sometime. I read "We are Water" two years ago during a warm summer night and while purchasing this "Wishin' and Hopin'" for the teachers I saw a new Wally lamb book. I seriously wanted to do a backflip like "Melissa from Coconut Grove...Shel Silverstein," Anyways...I purchased it and think of it this way...Wally is so Good that when I sent a pic to my step-mom and told her what it was about, she wrote "How long is it going to take you to read, should I just get my own copy?" Hahaha.

The book is about Felix Funicello, "I'll Take You There." Felix is all grown up with his own daughter and the inside says this book was written to "Feminists of Every Era." My younger sisters would be so proud, I need to mail them a copy. I am only about 6 chapters in but "oh lordy" it's hard to juggle my phone and look up all the old actresses and movies while reading it because Wally does such an amazing job at mixing Fiction and Non-Fiction it's Un-Beliezable!!!

I Tell You What,  You Can Being Dancing in a Shit Storm of a Life at this Moment but I Promise You These Books Give You Something to Dance About. It's All About Feeling Good On the Inside My Friend, then You Can Offer Love to Others in the Richest Form. :)

I am still Wondering if the Teachers Read "Wishin' and Hopin'!!" Bravo To Wally Lamb for Bringing Laughter, Knowledge and Love into My Life. It's "Library Magic" by Head and The Heart :). Cheers to YOU and Yours. xo Steph

 There Will Always Be Better Days

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Band Hockey and all their Wonder

Hockey and all their Wonder

Hockey the new best thing in music, give it some time and they are truly going to be fought over. If one has yet to hear of the band Hockey, look them up and your days too will manifest into something magnificent. Ben, the lead singer has just a way of pulling off perhaps the best new Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and everything in between. He must truly be talking to his angels as he writes these lyrics. The group as a whole must have many angels to foresee this into place.I personally have been a fan for over two years and I tell you what, Mind Chaos has never left my cd player these past two years. I think it’s because of the fact it is genuine music, it is life changing, it is beautiful, and the guys in the band are pure at heart. I tell you what, the only thing I am missing while listening to Hockey is roller-skates!

Ok, Walking into the Empyrean on May 8th 2010 was a true gift to the soul. With no children in tow, it was a true blessing to be sitting with some fellow mommies while Hockey practiced in the background. What more could we have personally asked for? Ben runs out after practice in his windbreaker from 1985 (which I need) and comes back with a feather dangling from his ear. What is it about that feather? Without that feather could he really get up there on stage? He is such a sweet soul, sipping his tea, always with a smirk on his face. I just can’t picture that same Ben up on stage belting out these gifts from above. My goodness…to be at a Hockey show is like levitating. There is so much electricity and love in the air, and no one can go without noticing it. Close your eyes and you are taken into a world where your feet bounce and your mind smiles! I wore sneakers ;)

As they approach onto stage, there is stillness in the air. Everyone is waiting and wondering what song will run through their veins first. In this case the first beat was, “Work.” The crowd goes into complete hysterics and they immediately start their dancing (I can’t stop jumping) and loud singing, trying so hard not to infer with the electrifying sounds of the band. It is almost like listening to the best DJ you have ever heard or perhaps in my case; it takes me back to the greatest of house parties. The whole show goes on like this; you never want it to stop. It is just too unbelievable.

I am a thirty year old woman who has first hand witnessed the worst of the worst. My daughter one month before her second birthday was diagnosed with high-risk cancer. She is now four and a half and she is running around screaming of life. Her beautiful curls are finally growing back and I cannot wait for the day I get to run my fingers through them once again. Anyways...during this time, I might escape to the car at the hospital and listen to Live and Coldplay. They also seemed to guide me towards love. When I started listening to Hockey, I was forced to put myself and life into a positive perspective. I do feel Hockey’s vibe and words lifted me graciously during this time. I smiled, instead of cried, I danced with my children and I remembered that tomorrow is only a “Song Away!” I also learned that sometimes painful situations turn your life into something great and meaningful and I would take that as, Gold. Everyone has to “Learn to Lose” …for awhile, before our hearts can truly shine.

Saturday’s show was just what I needed as we have come to an end with my daughters treatment. The place as I explained to my grandparents was filled perhaps with more men, but I tell you what, as I looked around, there were many ages , and just as I was there to do, they were also there doing the same thing, Celebrating Life. I walked out of the Empyrean full...vibrant…and very much alive.

“Cheers” to one of the greatest bands ever! I cannot wait to take my children to a show!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

life for today...

As I sit out on my back patio, I think. My brain recalls everything my family has been through (along with many other families) and I think is it through deep embedded sorrow that we look towards the light? Have I always believed? Yes, I personally have but this existence of your being and the meaning why we are here becomes just a little more clear with every pure thought that runs through my veins. There is no absolute way that this life exists without God, some beautiful higher power, loved ones that have passed and our own personal guardian angels. It just would not be I just wrote this, my favorite band, Hockey started on the radio. I look around and hear and see all the beautiful blessings in this world. I am a human being and although there are times I have wished the worse for someone, I am human and I have learned to forgive myself for these thoughts, for we are not our thoughts, perhaps just good ones ;)

With the sun on my face and the wind on my skin, I look around and see beauty. Beauty in the trees, water and in every single persons face. Everyone has the potential to feel good. Everyone has the potential to free themselves of disrupting behavior. A question, What makes one's own personal heart shine, what makes them decided not to buy a coach handbag and instead use the money on going out with friends, exploring nature, or even giving it to someone that is less fortunate (even if they have hurt you). I have always felt that being the person that surrenders to indifference's and love gets the most, I mean they feel it. Just getting that pain and hatefulness out of your body and mind does wonders on your mind/soul. Seeing someone smile is what this life is all about. Kindness and Giving. It really is just a simple matter of tongue...but it is true.

Being a commercial came and went and the next song is Brandi Carlile the other of my top three artists. I do not believe Micheal Jackson will be up next because he is not played on this station nor hardly any others in Spokane :( Dance party anyone?

Anyways...being United is a wonderful feeling. Untied with strangers, family and friends. Rejoice in knowing you are loved. Loved not just by the people in this world (perhaps you know no one) but you are surrounded by many that lived many lifetimes before you. Do not be afraid to ask for their help. They are here, more real than you could ever imagine, you just cannot see them.

Today be grateful for all the smiles you have brought and all the people that care about you. Rejoice and Celebrate because this is why you are alive!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My first Ghost

These are just amazing!! Let me tell you when I saw the one with the gray figure in it, I took off running. I was just overly spooked. The first picture is when we walked up to the little cut out. Just can see the little orbs in the trees, etc. Then Malai snapped a picture of the trees and we got what looked like a distorted picture, yet it wasn't. Perhaps these are ghosts. After seeing these she decided to snap another. That is when this huge gray thing appeared. I know it was real because I could feel it. The presence was in your face.

Let me know what you think...I have been interested in ghosts for years but I have never seen a picture like this before!

Orbs and other signs of life

My dear friend Malai and I decided we wanted to take our paranormal discoveries and questions to a deeper level. I will continue to update on our mystical findings. This past weekend we ventured to an old beautiful cemetery, it was dark and raining and I was scared. I do not have Malai's pictures just yet but I will tell you, she took a certain picture and I RAN!! I have always been extremely interested in the paranormal world, orbs, ghosts, etc. Yet, I have yet to see a real and true picture of a ghost. Well, Malai got that picture and it is shocking!! As soon as I have it, I will share it with all of you.

I have always felt as though something out of the ordinary was attracted to my being. This rings true when I see orb's in many pictures of my friends and family. Yes, I do believe that most orbs are dust particles, rain, etc. I do not believe the majority of what I catch is that though. These are orb's of beautiful energy, emerging with white, green, red and blue. I feel their presence, these are not dust.

Here is a few of the beautiful orbs I captured on our experiment. There is one picture in particular, Malai with a blue type of mystical smoke above her head. I have not seen this in any picture before. Let me know what your opinion is and also has anyone picked up red dots?? I went back through my footage and noticed quite a bit of glowing red dots, I am confused about them because they are not the same colors of most of the orbs.

Enjoy and I will post more when I have them :)

xoxoxoxo May your day be filled with Positive Loving Thoughts.

Stephy Brown

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My first REAL day of Spring!!

As I awoke this morning...I looked out and is the First Real day of Spring. How beautiful it is...Just a pure stillness in the air!! It took me back to last summer when I found this picture!! Last summer I was out on my back deck..(sun basking as it was 104 degrees outside)when I looked up and saw a cloud with a rainbow on it. It was so...strange and beautiful I decided I would take a picture.

I didn't upload my pictures for a few weeks and when I did I couldn't believe my eyes!! It almost looks like a tunnel to heaven...huh?? How do you explain this picture?? It is so..full of wonder and beauty!

Enjoy this beautiful day!!

xxoxoxoxo stephy